For over two years now, I am creating Flutter and Dart packages. In this time I learned one important thing:

Providing an awesome readme file is the key, to enable developers leverage your piece of technology.

I spent hours in providing the best possible documentation for my packages. But the…

Recently I did some experiments with Dart. I wanted to have a HTTP server that can provide frontend code and some simple backend logic. Everything should run on a virtual private server (v-server).

The clue is: I want it to auto-update / redeploy it automatically whenever I push something into…

Last year when Dart released it’s extensions functions I created the ⚡️supercharged package. It’s goal is to close the gap between convenient Kotlin’s awesome standard library and dart’s own.

Since then I received a lot of community support and contributions. Over the time Flutter inspired the Dart language to cover…

Felix Blaschke

Software Developer,

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