Recently I did some experiments with Dart. I wanted to have a HTTP server that can provide frontend code and some simple backend logic. Everything should run on a virtual private server (v-server).

The clue is: I want it to auto-update / redeploy it automatically whenever I push something into my Git repository. And it should do the job without any complex CI pipeline. Here are my results.

My approach is writing a pure Dart application. It creates a HTTP server. For that I used Alfred because it’s so incredibly simple to use:

This will boot up a Dart-powered…

I am a huge fan of Riverpod (by Remi Rousselet). Not just because of all the advanced features, but because it’s so darn simple to use. Unfortunately the official documentation isn’t beginner-focused, yet.

That’s why I want to dedicate an article to this underrated package.

What’s the point of state management?

Most apps doesn’t only consists of static content. We want to react to user interaction. Flutter comes with the core concept of StatefulWidget to handle changes in our app at widget-level.

This means, the widget contains the state variable as well as logic to handle the deviant behavior.

This is only comfortable up to a…

With the today’s release of Simple Animations 2.5.0 a lot of new features coming to all Flutter developers.

The last months I challenged myself in doing really complex animations and tried to use the existing tooling of the simple_animations package. I figured out, there was some room for improvements. #eatyourowndogfood

Introducing: Timeline Tween

Simple Animation already had a tool for creating complex animations with multiple tweened properties, called MultiTween. It’s able to handle multiple properties, but it doesn’t really reflect the way we humans think or like to read code.

Therefore I created Timeline Tween that works similar to MultiTween but organizes all…

Exactly one year ago I started my supercharged package. It’s goal is to add some comfort to Flutter and Dart developers by adding some quality of life extension methods.

I am using it within my own project and stumbled over an issue that hasn’t been fixed yet. Maybe you already noticed it yourself:

You can not auto-import a package by just using it’s extension method:

No autofix for importing supercharged.dart

Now after one year of extension methods in Dart. Why isn’t this fixed? According this issue from October 2019 it needs to be addressed in the Dart Analysis Server. …

This week the Flutter/Dart team announced the beta for null-safety dart code: Now it’s the perfect time for packages to migrate.

So…my packages got migrated today! You can start testing your dependent packages or apps to prepare its migration.

  • Simple Animations will raise to version 3.0.0. With this step I will drop the migration package that helps the upgrade from 1.x.x to 2.x.x . Make sure to migrate to 2.x.x in order to opt-in into null-safety.
  • Supercharged will raise to version 2.0.0 without any unexpected breaking changes.

What is my experience with migration process?

I mainly followed the dart migration guide. Unfortunately the dart migrate command thrown…

Today is one of the days where tons of hours of hard work come together. And I am very proud to make this freely available to all Flutter developers out there. Without further words:

Introducing Liquid, the newest Simple Animations family member.

Liquid is built upon Flutter’s amazing animation capabilities and continues the mission of Simple Animation: Beautiful custom animations for everyone, simplified.

Liquid even goes one step further. You don’t need to write code for an awesome animation. It will grow and contain visually stunning widgets that easily improves the visual quality of your app.

Today I updated the ⚡️ Supercharged package for Flutter with some interesting new features for data processing. As of today Supercharged ranks #20 in Flutter packages and it’s going to improve in future iterations.

Have you ever tried to add some variation to your user interface text labels?

The new pickOne() and pickSome(n) extension functions simplify the process of adding random behavior to your app.

The many extensions of Supercharged will help even with complicated data processing:

With today’s release we introduce onEach() that behaves like a classic forEach() function but allows us to continue data processing. …

Last year when Dart released it’s extensions functions I created the ⚡️supercharged package. It’s goal is to close the gap between convenient Kotlin’s awesome standard library and dart’s own.

Since then I received a lot of community support and contributions. Over the time Flutter inspired the Dart language to cover more use cases. Beside web the new Dart native area came up. We can now write own backend services in Dart.

I received a lot of request to make supercharged available to native/web Dart. Today I am proudly announcing the availability of the ⚡️supercharged_dart package. …

I just started to migrate my Simple Animations package to an updated rule set of pendantic. I thought this is a good occasion to write something about that “hidden gem”.

What is pendatic? It sounds funny but it’s dart own linting mechanism. A linter as tool for static analysis of your Flutter code. It contains rules that helps you write good code and find errors at compile time.

Example: Strings

Personally I am used to write strings in double quotes because I have Java background. But over time the trend has changed to single quotes. …

Today I want to cover another aspect of the new Simple Animations 2. MultiTween enables your easily define a tween that animes multiple properties at once or create chained animations.

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