Again, just start animating in Flutter!

About a year ago I started a side project with the aim to simplify the way developers create beautiful custom animations in Flutter. Today Simple Animation has grown to a major Flutter package with total score of 99%.

Today I am proud to announce the new completely overhauled and improved version 2 of the Simple Animations Framework.

Simple Animations now is 100% type-safe which results in a less error-prone development process. It focuses even more on simplicity and development speed-up. The documentation has been drastically improved and there are even more examples.

It’s new modular architecture allows you to pick all features (by using the “simple_animations” package directly) or just a single module.

Let’s have a look at these modules…

🚀 Stateless Animation

First we have everybody’s favorite Stateless Animation. It enables you to create custom animations without hasseling with AnimationControllers. You can easily use it in stateless widgets.

🎭 MultiTween

MultiTween is a special Animatable (a.k.a. Tween) that allows you to animate multiple properties at once. It’s also perfect for chained animations.

🎥 Anicoto

Anicoto (AnimationController toolkit) totally simplifies any usage with Flutter’s AnimationController. You just need to add a mixin to your state class and get access to managed AnimationController instances. No need to initialize, configurate or dispose them. Just use them!

All the modules have even more features. Go to the Simple Animations pub page to read more about them.

As shown in the examples above, ⚡️Supercharged perfectly integrates with Simple Animations to increase the sweetness level of your code:

If your project is currently using version 1.x.x you can use this migration package that contains a complete migration guide. This package is designed to run both versions side-by-side. So you can start using 2.0 features today.

I also upgraded all examples from the Simple Animations Example App to solely use version 2 features. You can use the git history to compare both versions.

But there are also some features that didn’t made it into version 2. I dropped AnimationControllerX since an alternative implementation of a Flutter core mechanic doesn’t fit well to the whole Flutter ecosystem. Also Rendering didn’t made it since it can easily replaced with a LoopAnimation from the Stateless Animation module.

So… I am telling you once again, just start animating in Flutter! (This was the name of my first blog post about Simple Animations)

I hope you like my work. Leave some claps and likes for the simple_animation package.

Until next time
— Felix —

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