Better data processing in Flutter

Felix Blaschke
Oct 27, 2020

Today I updated the ⚡️ Supercharged package for Flutter with some interesting new features for data processing. As of today Supercharged ranks #20 in Flutter packages and it’s going to improve in future iterations.

Have you ever tried to add some variation to your user interface text labels?

The new pickOne() and pickSome(n) extension functions simplify the process of adding random behavior to your app.

The many extensions of Supercharged will help even with complicated data processing:

With today’s release we introduce onEach() that behaves like a classic forEach() function but allows us to continue data processing. This is useful for light debugging or logging.

Supercharged has even more data processing functions like grouping, sorting and aggregation.

You find more examples on Supercharged’s page. If don’t use Flutter there is a dart-only version called supercharged_dart.

Feel free to contribute code or ideas since Supercharged is an open source project.

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Until next time
— Felix —