Fade in your UIs in Flutter

UI smoothly fades in.
UI that wants to get animated.
  • delay: an abstract unit to specify the order in which we fade-in our elements. We’ll use on a Double value. (Larger values = appear later)
  • child: the Widget to animate.
  • the opacity from 0.0 (invisible) to 1.0 (fully visible) and
  • a translation on the x-axis from 130.0 (looking a little displaced) to 0.0 (looking unmodified).
delay: Duration(milliseconds: (300 * delay).round())
builderWithChild: (context, child, animation) => Opacity(             
opacity: animation["opacity"],
child: Transform.translate(
offset: Offset(animation["translateX"], 0),
child: child),
FadeIn(1.0, HeaderPlaceholder())
UI smoothly fades in.




Software Developer, http://felix-blaschke.de

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Felix Blaschke

Felix Blaschke

Software Developer, http://felix-blaschke.de

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