Liquid: The beginning of a new era of Simple Animations

Felix Blaschke
3 min readNov 19, 2020

Today is one of the days where tons of hours of hard work come together. And I am very proud to make this freely available to all Flutter developers out there. Without further words:

Introducing Liquid, the newest Simple Animations family member.

Liquid is built upon Flutter’s amazing animation capabilities and continues the mission of Simple Animation: Beautiful custom animations for everyone, simplified.

Liquid even goes one step further. You don’t need to write code for an awesome animation. It will grow and contain visually stunning widgets that easily improves the visual quality of your app.

I achieve this goal by tightly connecting Liquid to Liquid Studio. This is a Flutter web app that allows you to visually configure your animation effect, just by exploring.

Now even graphic artists can help programmers by picking the appropriate animation. Everybody can improve the visual fidelity of their apps.

Today Liquid starts with Plasma. It’s a particle-based animation with the potential of creating stunning visuals. You can also disable the animation and use it as a beautiful static background.

Here is a short walkthrough off the Plasma Creator of Liquid Studio:

You can try it yourself. Also on your smartphone. Link: Liquid Studio

If you didn’t like to watch the video. Here are some screenshots:

Liquid Studio and the Plasma Creator.

You just configure your animation effect. Then you hit the GENERATE CODE button and get the Flutter code. Then paste it into your app. Done!

For more information you can visit the page of Simple Animations and look out for the Liquid module.

I’m looking forward to see some cool, Liquid-enriched Flutter apps in the wild out there.

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Until next time,
— Felix —