Supercharged now on Dart

Felix Blaschke
2 min readAug 5, 2020

Last year when Dart released it’s extensions functions I created the ⚡️supercharged package. It’s goal is to close the gap between convenient Kotlin’s awesome standard library and dart’s own.

Since then I received a lot of community support and contributions. Over the time Flutter inspired the Dart language to cover more use cases. Beside web the new Dart native area came up. We can now write own backend services in Dart.

I received a lot of request to make supercharged available to native/web Dart. Today I am proudly announcing the availability of the ⚡️supercharged_dart package. It contains all functions that doesn’t require Flutter.

The original supercharged now fully bases on supercharged_dart forming a super set that also covers all Flutter-related extensions. The latest version introduced some cool functions regarding Animation .

Supercharged is a production-ready, fully-tested package simplifying common coding tasks. You use it for free in your Flutter app or Dart application.

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Until next time
— Felix —